About EnergyOT

EnergyOT is a powerful connected device to get the power back on your side

How much do you spend on electricity? Are you paying too much? When do you spend the most? Does your behaviour fit you energy plan? Knowledge is power, and in this case, power is literally money. EnergyOT is the smartest meter on the market, get one and start saving today!

  • Small and Powerful!
  • Safe and easy to install, no technician needed!
  • One single device to analyse all your energy consumption!
  • Cloud based, available where you are, device independent
  • High resolution and accuracy

See the data in your online account at my.eot.pt. Sign up today and see how you can save!

  • Choose the best energy plan.
  • Anticipate the malfunction of electrical equipment.
  • Monitor your energy 24/7
  • Privacy ensured. Your data is protected.
  • Historical analysis.

Small and Powerful

EnergyOT is a device that measures your home's energy consumption. To do this, the device connects directly to the HAN port of the ENERGY BOX. Find out more here.

No other device is needed! This small device does everything (measuring, processing and sending data to the cloud).

It does, however, require that you have an ENERGY BOX with access to the HAN port (learn more here) and that there is a wireless internet network available close to the device, in order to be able to communicate with the cloud.

After installed and configured the device will send data directly to the cloud with 15s of interval between measurements!
Your energy consumption data is important Therefore both the connection and the storage of your data is securely protected and encrypted!
Analyse, compare and act upon the energy guzzlers that lurk without you knowing. Check all your historical data, compare values, watch in real-time what are the effects of the changes you make!


Choose the best energy plan

There are a couple of energy companies and so many plans inside each company. This tool allows you to evaluate if the energy plan you have is the most suitable for you!

Anticipate device malfunction

Evaluate if your electrical appliances are having the desired performance! Check for excessive consumption or weird peaks in compressors, pumps, motors, etc that represent malfunctions or badly maintained equipments.

Monitor you energy 24/7

Check in real time how small changes have a big impact on your energy bill! Turn off your TV stand-by and you will be able to check the impact of this change in the total consumption. You will be impressed!

A Single device!

No hidden costs and no extra hardware required that add cost. This is one device to rule them all with all the feature that you need.

Feel Safe

Set alarms and be notified if there are significant deviations in the parameters you specified.

Historical analysis

All the historical data that we collect will be in the cloud for as long as you desire and you can at any moment extract it from the cloud and process it as you desire.


If you want information about the device or experiencing any problems, talk to us! Use the contact form below.

Professional evaluation

If you need a professional evaluation of your energy expenses, complete with energy efficiency recommendations and year to year projections, ask us a quotation!

Made in Portugal

Designed, developed and manufactured in Portugal!

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What is included:

  • The EnergyOT device.
  • Connection cable for the Energy BOX HAN Port.
  • Documentation for installation and configuration.
  • Access to the platform my.eot.pt Free!

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